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Residential Roofing Services


At Dennis Cook Roofing Incorporated, we are able to provide professional roofing repair, installation, design, and inspection services to all property owners throughout the greater San Diego area. Having over 30 years of experience in this service field we have a complete understanding of what it takes to create a roofing system that is both beneficial and virtually worry-free. Aside from normal maintenance practices recommended by the manufacturer, you will have years of exceptional protection from sun, rain, winds, and other external elements for your home or business.



Before beginning any roofing service a thorough inspection is conducted on your entire roof. This allows us to locate all areas in need of roof repair so you will not encounter unexpected service or product costs once the project is underway. Having a complete idea of what the project will require allos us to present you with the most cost efficient solutions as well. For some residential clients this may include minor roof repairs or complete re-roofing services.


Inspections performed for repair or installation are completely free. However, there is a fee for inspections done for real estate transactions (inspection reports).



After examining your roof, we help you explore the best options available for preventative maintenance. From replacing cosmetic issues like broken tiles to patching large areas on tar roofs, there is no repair too big or too small.



As a family owned and operated business, we understand what a significant investment a new roof is for a household, and we also understand how disruptive a major project can be to your routine. We are happy to work with your schedule, and have financing options available.

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